Thursday, 8 August 2013

Properly Cleaning and Sealing Timber Decks | Infographics

Many homes in Sydney prefer their decks to be made out of timber. That's because timber looks more elegant than most materials. As for the kind of timber used for decking, the most common is treated pine. It is especially preferred because of its durability, being able to withstand rotting for about 30 years. 

Below are some tips to properly cleaning and sealing timber decks:

However, like most types of timber, pinewood is also susceptible to splintering and discolouration as soon as months after installation. Extreme weather conditions can be a factor to this. That's why, as timber decking is constantly exposed to heat and moisture, it is crucial to provide it with regular maintenance

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  1. Timber is an excellent decking material because it is sturdy, looks aesthetically pleasing and easy to build.

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  2. My deck is starting to crack in the middle. I need to have it looked at. Maybe I should find a stronger material for it so it doesn't crack as much.