Friday, 26 July 2013

The History of Sunrooms

Sunroom extensions are a relatively new concept for homes, yet they are extremely popular in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and, of course, Australia, so it may not be long until you see sunrooms on every suburban Sydney block.
They are favoured in places where the weather can change on a day-to-day basis, or even part of the way through the day, and it was from this issue of climate uncertainty that they were born.

This is a brief history of sunrooms:

Screened-in Porches
The screened-in porch is the ancestor of the sunroom. They were mostly prominent in the United States as a means of enjoying the outdoors in a way that minimised the effects of rain and insects. However, the problem with screened-in porches was keeping them free from dust, dirt, and pollen.

Patio Enclosures
In the late 1940s, patio enclosures became the solution to the dust and pollen issue by using storm windows placed together on a traditional screened-in porch. The problem with this solution was though it was far more sheltered from the elements, any patio enclosures looked like additions to a home and therefore lost a great deal 
of their appeal. It was too clear that the sunroom was one of potentially many extensions.

The Modern Sunroom and Queensland Room
As we become more energy conscious, and building technology improves, the sunroom has grown to reflect this. A modern sunroom can be far more integrated with a pre-existing home than its predecessors, and can be built from a number of materials, including insulated glass to keep out UV radiation but to keep in heat. This notion of retained heat is what can be seen to as leading to sunrooms to be called Queensland rooms in Sydney and throughout Australia.

Sunrooms have come a long way from their humble pre-war roots, and they continue to evolve and modernise into stylish must-haves for homes.

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