Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sydney Carports for Function, Style and Value

Sydney Carports for Function, Style and Value

Carports and pergolas are some of the finest additions to Sydney homes. While they may not be able to provide total protection against the harsh elements, they offer tremendous value and aesthetic improvements to homes.

At Wizard Home Improvements, we understand carports and pergolas. Carports, for instance, are added not only as an extension that provides protection to cars or as an extended living space; they are also added to improve the home’s market value.

That’s especially true if they are built with the right kind of materials for the right kind of home setup.

As the leading provider of home improvements services in Sydney, we help homeowners build and design suitable customised solutions for their carport and pergola needs.

Common materials used for carports in most Sydney homes

Carports and pergolas are built and designed with practically any building material available. They are mostly built from brick, wood, cast iron, tile, concrete, stone and composite materials.

Most pergolas are made out of wood, but those that have been built out of combined materials are still commonplace.

Wizard Home Improvements build pergolas and carports made out of timber with colorbond and aluminum frames.

Construction and design

Carports and pergolas are extremely customisable. They can be built in any sizes, width, length and height. Pergolas, which can be designed in many ways, may be built with either flat or curved tops.

For pergolas, they can be built to have simple beams and posts. They can also be constructed with horizontal bars with ropes added along the lower parts for hanging plants. The pergola’s top may be built with open and simple design.

What’s your carport and pergola design requirements? Talk to Wizard Home Improvements today by calling 1300 920 788, or visit www.WizardHomeImprovements.com.au.



  1. I didn't know that carports could be made from such a variety of materials. I think the one we had when I was growing up was made of concrete. It was also attached to the house; it was not a free standing structure. Come to think of it, I don't see them in many places anymore. It seems like such a shame because I think they can be useful.

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