Friday, 31 May 2013

How to Properly Take Care of Pergolas

Pergolas are wonderful additions to Sydney properties. The are quite attractive, especially during the spring when plants such as wisteria start to bloom around them. It's quite an attraction to behold.
However, like most things that are exposed to the harsh elements, pergolas need regular maintenance. They look best when properly maintained throughout the year. But maintaining pergolas is a job that not many property owners have given any thoughts. Perhaps one of the reasons is that it's extremely hard work to take care of them.
If you're one of those property owners who dread taking care of pergolas on your own, below are some tips that can help you finally get around to making your pergolas looking more attractive.
  • As years pass, vines put tremendous pressure on pergolas, causing some damages such as warping and chipping off. Carefully inspect parts of the pergolas on a regular basis to check these. Cut off vines that have hardened to avoid putting pressure on parts of the pergola.
  • Keep cobwebs off light fittings and crevices. Moths and other bugs could settle into parts of the pergola that when neglected could potentially cause damage in the long run. Ask your home improvements experts for recommended pesticides that keep bugs away from pergolas.
  • Pergolas are naturally exposed to the harsh elements. They are constantly bombarded with the sun's heat and are soaked constantly during the rainy season. These promote the growth of unwanted moss, moulds and mildew. You may not be able to stop their growth, but you can remove them easily by washing them off with a bleach solution and scraping them off with a paint scraper.
  • You should also heat-proof your pergolas using good quality paint that have heat resisting properties. You can do this at least once every year to prevent damages caused by direct sunlight. Your home improvements company should be able to recommend a good brand that should heat-proof and make your pergolas more durable.
  • If your pergolas' frame are made from plastic or other composite materials, you may not need to repaint them. However, they are also susceptible to dirt and grime. Wash them regularly by scrubbing with hot water or a combination of water and soap.
  • The floor covering of the pergola should also be well-maintained. A regular wash with soap and water, or gentle mopping helps in preventing damages caused by the accumulation of dirt and grime.
  • For pergolas that are fitted with BBQ grills and other cooking equipment, be sure to completely clean off grease and other food leftovers.
The amount of care you provide your pergolas with will determine their longevity. Remember that pergolas are a bit expensive. Repairing the damages due to neglect could cost you even more, an unecessary expense that can be easily avoided with proper care and maintenance.

For more information on properly maintaining pergolas, visit Wizard Home Improvements or call 1300 920 788.
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