Thursday, 8 August 2013

How to Winterise Your Deck for the Winter

Even though Sydney is often seen as a sunny place to live, it can be pretty chilly in winter. As the temperature drops so does our willingness to venture outside. So what do you do with that gorgeous deck that you spent spring and summer on? You winterise it of course!

Protect your Deck Furniture All Year Long

From the actual removal, to figuring out where to store them and then having to haul them back onto the deck - it can be a hassle bringing in all of your deck furniture every winter. Instead invest in covers to throw over your furniture to protect them from the harsh winter mornings. This is also essential if your deck lacks a roof as your furniture will not dry properly in winter which can cause a range of health risks for you and your family.

Before covering your furniture make sure you:
  • Ensure that your furniture is completely clean by shaking out cushions, vacuuming seating and spot cleaning any spills with a mild detergent.
  • Brush any remaining crumbs and loose dirt from tables and then wash them with mild soapy water.
  • Once everything is completely dry proceed to cover your furniture.

Protect the Wood of your Deck

Much like rust is a boats worst enemy, mould and mildew is a decks. Before the Sydney winter sets in and it gets too cold outside remove all the furniture and plants and give your deck a good wash so that anything growing on your deck doesn’t get a chance to damage it throughout winter. Make sure that before you return any furniture to the deck that the wood is completely dry. Moisture caught between the furniture, plants and the deck can seep into the wood and stain the surface.

The last step in ensuring that your wood is protected during winter is to cover it with a repellent sealant. This protective layer prevents water or any other moisture from penetrating your decks wood and causing serious decay over winter. To make the process of applying a repellent sealant easier we would recommend using a paint sprayer.  

To find out the best way to winterise your decks wood or for more information about decking, visit Wizard Home Improvements or call 1300 920 788.

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